Yes, I felt it you'll never understand.

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I had fun

I’ve been crying non stop all day
I need to stop crying

The ritual was amazing.
Last night me and my friends preformed a healing ritual. My friend, Sarah, has an older lady friend who is sick. Was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She gave sarah her wand to help preform this ritual. it’s a fire sign. Me, Sarah and our friend Brooke are all fire signs.
Together we set up around the trees with our beautiful moon, shining upon us.
We welcomed the north, south, east and west. Water, fire, earth and air.
The candles were lit and we joined hands. Our energies together, we sent off the most positive energies to the woman, in hopes to heal her. We then healed ourselves. I closed my eyes and cleansed my mind. Got rid of all the negativity and bad energy. It was then my body and mind felt the most at peace it has ever been. I felt tears falling from my face and I was grinning from ear to ear.
This is what I believe in. Energy. Spirituality. The sun and the moon. The power in all of us. The unseen.

I have never felt so powerful, so peaceful and so happy.

I can’t wait to further my growth in my beliefs.

Anonymous said: do u still hang with bearcat

Very rarely now that I moved ;(

Anonymous said: Well... I'm closer to you than you know. I just want you to know that I care, and so do other people if you find the right crowd. Maybe not the ones you're with now, maybe not the ones you'd been with before, but you'll find them. I promise. And you'll find that life isn't that hard to bear without hurting yourself either. I know it for a fact. Believe in you because you're worth believing in.

Thanks for making my day

livvyyy said: she was my best friend since I was young... I think I was 7 when I met her. I am 20 almost 21 now and she passed january 14th. Its so hard and painful and theres a lot of backstory I wont get into but everything is all fucked up

I am so sorry love.
Nothing I say will take away the heaviness and the emptiness in your heart, tears in your eyes or the confusion in your mind.
My advice
Grieve as much as you can. Dont let people tell you to stop crying, walk away and keep crying. Miss them, so much. Keep them on your mind as long as possible. Because years later, memories begin to fade, and again you’ll be sad that you can’t remember certain memories. It’s heart breaking.
Be sad, think about her, talk to her.
It’ll get better as time goes on, I promise. And I’m so sorry for your loss

Anonymous said: its hard, I'll think I'm speaking with her then I overthink it and decide I am crazy and its not real and I hate doubt. I just want affirmations, and I have gotten some but its never enough to curve the doubt

Who was it to you?

You’re not crazy. I know how you feel. She’s there.